Terms and conditions

Please carefully read the general terms and conditions before using the online shop www.amonanis.si. From the moment you enter the online shop it is considered that you are fully aware of the general terms and conditions and that you agree with them without limitation.

1. Provider
Online shop www.amonanis.si (below „online shop“) is managed by XXX (below “provider”).

Tax nr.:
Registration nr.:

E-mail: info@amonanis.si

Person who enters the online shop is a ”visitor”, if he registers he becomes a “user”, and when he completes a purchase a “buyer”.

2. Up-to-date data
Provider makes all efforts to update any changes in reasonable time and provide accurate data on the web page, and is not responsible for any mistakes in this regard. Provider holds all rights to changes of general terms and conditions which apply from the moment of publishing.

3. Prices
All prices of products are in EUR and do not contain VAT, since we are exempt of VAT. When purchasing an item those prices apply which are current at the confirmation of payment. The provider may change the prices of product without further notice.

4. Registration
Purchasing in the online shop is possible for registered as well as unregistered users of the online shop. By registering in the system, the user gains a user name (which is identical to his e-mail address) and a password. A registered user may verify his orders and change his data under the tab My account.

5. Purchase/order
The online shop works 24 hours a day, except in a case of technical difficulties. The user can choose and buy products from the list noted in the online shop. All products noted in the online shop are available until stock lasts. After the order has been placed, the buyer receives an e-mail notification about a successfully placed order. Invoice for the purchased products is added to the parcel with the purchased products.

6. Product is out of stock
Products, which are marked with „Out of stock“ cannot be ordered. If you wish to be notified when the product is again available, please contact us: info@amonanis.si.

7. Methods of payment
The provider allows the following methods of payment: PayPal (not yet available).
If you want to buy our products, please send us an e-mail at info@amonanis.si

8. Postage
Postage price depends on the weight of the package (EU countries):
up to 250g – the price is 2,50€
250g-500g – the price is 4,00€
500g-1000g – the price is 7,00€
1000g-2000g – the price is 14,00€
2000g-5000g – the price is 21,00€

Postage price depends on the weight of the package (Austria and Croatia):
up to 250g – the price is 2,50€
250g-500g – the price is 4,00€
500g-1000g – the price is 7,00€
1000g-2000g – the price is 13,00€
2000g-5000g – the price is 13,00€

9. Delivery time
Delivery time for ordered products is from 1 till 7 days after confirmation of the buyer’s order.

10. Delivery
The buyer can:
    ⁃    receive the parcel on your address via Slovenian post or DPD courier
    ⁃    pick it up yourself on the address of the company from 10-17h by prior arrangement

11. Change or cancellation of purchase
In the case of change or cancellation of order, it is the buyer’s responsibility to inform the provider on the e-mail address info@amonanis.si and refer to the number of purchase, which is noted in the notification about a successfully placed order.

12. Returns
The buyer has an option in accordance with the Law for consumer protection, that within 7 days from purchase he may return the good without giving any reason for the return. The buyer can send the unused product in original package within 7 days, along with the copy of the invoice (with acknowledgment of receipt) to our address and we will return your money to your bank account or exchange the product for a new one within 7 days. The buyer holds the costs of returning goods.

13. Returns of damaged shipments
All produced are checked before delivery and sent undamaged, packed into a delivery package. The buyer is obliged to check the shipment when he receives it. In the case of a physically damaged shipment or a shipment showing signs of being already opened, the buyer has to file a complaint for the package at the Slovenian Post or the DPD Courier Service (any later complaints are not possible).

14. Photographs
Althought the provider tries to provide as accurate pictures of products as possible, all photographs have to be taken as symbolic.

15. Intellectual property
All rights reserved. All texts, photographs, illustrations, videos and their derivatives??? on this web page are subject to copyright and other intellectual property. These items are not allowed to be copied for commercial use or distribution, also it is not allowed to change them or republish them on other web pages.
Provider is not responsible under any circumstance for any links which are not a part of this web page or any other web pages which are or not linked with this web page. The provider rejects all responsibility fo the correctness of any other data, which are available on these linked web pages or any products or services which are available at these web pages.
16. Privacy and data protection
Web page www.amonanis.si may be used by a visitor without giving in his own personal data, except in the case when ordering a product. User or buyer has a right to access and correct his personal data, which is in possesion of the provider. He can coorect his data in his user profile My account or sends them to the e-mail address info@amonanis.si.
While using the web page, by ordering products, inquiries, with e-mails, etc. there is a possibility od data being saved on the servers of the provider for different purposes. Provider saves the name of the provider of web services, web page, which is connected with the online shop, web pages  which the user is accessing from the web page and the user’s IP address for a period of time which is determined by law. With users and buyers he can also save: name and surname, e-mail address, contact telephone number, primary address and addresses for delivery.

The provider can use the data for delivering products, which are ordered by the user or for statistical purposes, at the same time keeping the anonymity of the individual and his identity.
The provider commits, that he will protect the privacy of the web page users and that their confidential personal data will not be forwarded to any unauthorized persons without their consent, except if demanded by the judicial authorities. Some data can be computer stored or processed vy the provider in other areas of jurisdiction, i.e. the United States of America, where the law about data protection may be different to those of your country. Provider is not responsible for any possible thefts of data.

Data can be forwarded to 3rd persons by the provider only in a case of delivering products, which are ordered by the user or in other purposes approved by the user, by this the provider relies on technical and organizational measures, which provide compliance with applicable regulations for data safety.
User of the web page himself is also obliged to care for his own personal data in such a way to take care of the protection of his username and password with an appropriate software (antivirus) protection of his computer.

Consensus for the use of personal data can be cancelled by the user at any time with an e-mail or by contacting the responsible person for data safety on the address below.
Cookies are small text files, which are saved from the user of the web page in the memory of the browser. With the use of these cookies the provider is able to recognize the user’s browser, which enables a more effective use of the web page. Provider does not use the data collected with the use of cookies for the recongition of the user’s identity. The user should not use the online shop, in the case, where he does not agree with the use of cookies.

Web page is using technical and organizational security measures for user’s data safety to prevent abuse, loss, destruction, theft or access from unauthorised persons.
In a cases of questions regarding the security of personal data on www.amonanis.si you can reach the provider at the following addresses:

E-mail: info@amonanis.si
Contact person: