Rose for Mother’s Day -10%

To give birth to a child is a big initiation for a woman if she is able to surrender to this experience. A rose, the queen among flowers, is one of rare plants that
explicitly describes the motherly nature of a woman.

If a Woman transforming into a Mother is about to accept new life inside her body she first has to blossoming open her womb and its magical ability of creation. In the time of delivery a woman has to blossom like a rose to safely give birth to a new being. After birth she has to open her heart like a flower to hug and nourish helpless baby. But rose must have thorns too even thou it seems strange at the first sight. With her thorns the woman protects the child and the hole family egg.

The rose therefore teaches us how to be loving, soft, beautiful, fragrant. It teaches us how to trust and surrender to life and setting limits around us at the same time.

We realy love roses therefore every rose product are 10% off for the Mother’s Day. Discount is valid till the end of 25 March 2019.

-10% is for: Anti-age serum 13 Rose, Face Tonic Rose, Rose Balm, Rose Perfume and ERose Essential Oil.

Because all women are roses, blossoming one way or another, and because men like to give roses to women this discount applies to women, mothers and men:)

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