Forest Massage oil

100% natural 99,7% organic 0,3% wild harvested

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Organic Forest Herbal Oil is handmade from natural and organic ingredients. Organic sesame oil with a fresh forest scent of wintergreen, peppermint, wild spruce, eucalyptus and rosemary with naturally present methyl salicylate and menthol for an invigorating effect on muscles and joints.

Ideal for muscle and joint care before or after physical activity, help with relieving tired legs, stiff neck, painful back or for relaxing the body with an invigorating massage.

Avoid contact with eyes. Not for children under 12-14 years. Do not use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Do not use with anticoagulants, bleeding disorders, salicylate sensitivity or before major surgery. Avoid with homeopathy.

Handmade by Amon & hand illustrated by Anis in Slovenia.
Certified by IKC UM. Animal friendly. Vegan.
Product is packed in glass.

INGREDIENTS: sesame oil*, essential oils (rosemary*, peppermint*, eucalyptus*, wild spruce***, wintergreen*), rosemary antioxidant*

INCI: Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis*, Mentha x piperita oil*, Eucalyptus globulus oil*, Picea mariana oil***, Gaultheria procumbens oil*, Helianthus annus seed oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*, Limonene**  *from certified organic agriculture **essential oil component ***wild harvested

Organic Forest Herbal Oil is certified by IKC UM, Peta Cruelty Free and Vegan and The Vegan Society.

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