NEW! 100% Natural 100% Organic 100% Pure Amon & Anis Essential Oils

Finally we have it:) Organic Amon & Anis essential oils!

It was not easy to start selling our own essential oils brand in Slovenia at all to be honest. It was even harder than we thought! But you were asking us for such a long time that we did our best in the last months.

So now we can offer high quality Amon & Anis essential oils for all of you who really care about the quality. Our essential oils are:
• 100% NATURAL,
• 100% ORGANIC (ECO, BIO),
• 100% PURE,
• VEGAN in animal friendly.

The top quality of our essential oils is confirmed by the actual certificates issued by independent certification organizations responsible for company supervision. You can find these certificates on our website. We know that brilliant slogans, names and popularity are not necessarily evidence for a quality.

Besides essential oils we also created AROMA PROTECTION SET 8, a selection of eight of the most indispensable natural and organic essential oils for personal and home use. A useful everyday accessory for modern men and women who strive to reconnect with mother Earth. At first glance nothing more than a charming aroma trapped in a small bottle, but in reality also a very powerful tool that can be used to contribute to the overall harmonisation of the body, emotions and mind. An educational booklet about plants and essential oils is included in the luxurious box as well.

Enter the world of magnificient natural scents with organic essential oils, which will not only help you relax or cheer you up, but will most likely amaze you! As they have amazed us in the last years:)

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