We use only thoughtfully chosen organic ingredients of the highest quality (mostly of eadible quality) from trustworthy suppliers.

*certified organic

We use only fresh, purest organic essential oils and hydrosols of the highest quality in the world. Because they do not contain any other oils or artificial ingredients (fragrances, preservatives). They have a Soil Association Food Grade Organic Certificate, while the selection of essential oils is carefully chosen by the first company selling exclusively certified organic essential oils – with 14 years of experience, established by a true aromatherapist.


In products with the Lavender aroma we use Lavender essential oil* (Lavandula angustofolia).

In products with the Citrus aroma we use Orange essential oil* (Citrus aurantium dulcis) and Lemongrass essential oil* (Cympobogon citratus) or Mandarin essential oil* (Citrus reticulata rosso oil) and in Neroli hydrosol*made of orange blossoms (Citrus aurantium amara flower water).

Tea tree
In the products with Tea tree aroma we use Tea tree essential oil* (Melaleuca alternafolia).

In products with Forest aroma we use Pine essential oil* (Pinus sylvestris), Eucalyptus essential oil* (Eucalyptus globulus), Sandalwood essential oil* (Santalum spicatum oil*), Maritime pine essential oil* (Pinus pinaster oil), cedar essential oil* (Cedrus atlantica oil*).

In products with Peppermint aroma we use Peppermint essential oil* (Mentha piperita) and Tea tree essential oil* (Melaleuca alternafolia).

In products with Rose aroma we use Damascus rose hydrosol* or absolute (Rosa damascena). The absolute is organically produced, but cannot be certified as such, because there is a slight possibility of traces of extraction solvent being left during the extraction of the absolute.



In products with sweet holiday aroma we use Cinnamon essential oil* (Cinnamomum zeylanicum oil).


In products with sweet seductive aroma we use Vanilla extract* (Vanilla planifolia fruit extract).


In products with sweet summer aroma we use Coconut extract* (Cocos nucifera oil extract).

*certified organic

Cold pressed, unrefined oils and butters:

· almond oil*
· extra virgin olive oil*

· coconut oil*
· castor oil*

· jojoba oil*
· cocoa butter*

Refined (purified) oils and butters are refined with procedures without chemicals and add to quality of certain products (i.e. hardness of soaps):

· palm fat* from sustainable plantations, which preserve the natural habitat of orangutans
· coconut oil*

· shea butter*

*certified organic

· cinnamon*
· turmeric*

· corn starch*
· cane sugar*

· vegetable alcohol* 96% and produced from grains
· stevia extract* is a natural herbal sweetener, extracted by water from the leaves of stevia (stevia rebaudiana). It contains 97% Reb-A, which is an extract of the highest quality and the sweetest ingredient of the extract. It contains only stevia without any additives
· vegetable glycerine*
is produced from coconut oil by hydrolisis, which processes the vegetable oils with a combination of pressure, heat and water. It has a sweet taste and moisturizes the skin
· xanthan gum is a natural plant thickener, which is used in food and is obtained with the fermentation of plant sugar (mostly wheat) and is later additionaly processed, because of which it cannot be certified as organic

*certified organic

Unrefined and organically produced in Slovenia.


When calculating the share of organic ingredients, the mineral substances and water are never counted, since they are not of agricultural origin. The mineral substances used are pure and do not contain heavy metals or other impurities:

· bicarbonate of soda
· chalk

· clays
in natural colours (pink, green, gray)
· zinc oxide,
contains small parts od zinc, which stay on the skin and naturally reflect the UV rays. Because it is not in the form of nano particles it slightly whitens the skin.


We use freshly distilled water.


Is a crucial ingredient, because of which oils and water saponifies and produces soap. In the procedure of soap making it is completely (without trace) into soap, and for that reason it is not noted in the ingredients on the soap labels.