Amon & Anis organic cosmetics again with Amon & Anis personally

Dear customers and friends,

with great joy we are announcing, that after three years we are again with you personally, as the creators and producers of Amon & Anis organic cosmetics.

And how did it happen?

There is a known saying that life happens while you are planning other things. And so it happened that we came back to our homeland, where we found are place under the sun.
Unexpectedly we received a chance, to take over and continue with our work.

Because our life currently needs lots of re-organizing, we will need some time before we are fully back with You. We are planning to start the new production in autumn.

All products will again be made by Amon by his own recipes, while Anis will illustrate and design by her own inspiration.

Till autumn – see you soon!
Amon & Anis personally

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