All products are hand made by Amon and hand illustrated by Anis.

Amon & Anis is a fatal love story between independent health researcher and freelance visual artist. They merged their talents adn values in 2016 to combine a perfect beauty with the preservation of our planet. They live with their family in a sustainable property on the edge of the National Park Kozjansko in Slovenia, where they produce organic cosmetics Amon & Anis.


We are inspired by Nature and guided by Responsability towards all living being. Therefore our organic cosmetics is withouth synthetic dyes, flavors, fragrances or synthetic essential oils, no preservatives, no synthetic solvents, paraben-free, no ethoxylated ingredients or other synthetic chemicals, no GMOs, no nanoparticles and is not tested on animals. It is purely the work of human hand and human intelligence.

Amon & Anis is one of the rarest organic cosmetics in the world with an uncompromising at least 98% (but mostly 100%) share of organic ingredients in the product. The percentage is clearly stated on the product’s label. Certified by Slovenian Institute IKC Maribor, English vegan organization The Vegan Society and American association for animal protection Peta.


We trust in pure certified organic plant essences empowered by natural vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients and we carefully mix them to create more then seventy high quality organic cosmetic products for skin care and protection.